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Wood Floor Cleaning

Wood Floors are a lifetime investment, and decisions concerning them should not be taken lightly.

Routine maintenance should include protecting the surface finish from moisture and heavy wear which creates scratches. This maintenance requires more than sweeping and vacuuming.

The cost of installing a wood floor does not allow a home owner to neglect regular maintenance. Pro-Clean Ireland pecializes in wood floor maintenance to enhance your floors appearance and maximize the life span of your natural surface. We use an odorless, dust-free technique that is effective on most wood floors and does not utilize the typical sanding system.

By practicing regular processing and maintenance, you will ensure that your wooden floors are longer lasting, pleasant to walk on and look good. By using state of the art wooden floor equipment, Pro-Clean Ireland keeps the noise down to a minimum while treating your floors.

We leave them with a fresh natural appearance without unnecessarily soiling the rest of your expensive household furnishings and drapes.